Who We Are

The building is on the site of the former Prestwick Public School and became Prestwick Community Centre in 1976. It is located at 25 Caerlaverock Road, Prestwick.

The building is owned by South Ayrshire Council and the facility is run and organised by Prestwick Community Association, a group of volunteers elected by the membership on an annual basis at the AGM. The AGM usually takes place in March each year.
The committee comprises a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Letting Secretary, plus a few other volunteer helpers elected from the membership.

Room Sizes
Roon 1 – 8m x 8m
Room 2 – 8m x 8m
Room 5 – 5m x 5m
Rood 6 – 5m x 7m
Main Hall – 6.5 x 19m
Rood 9 – 5m x 6.5m
Rood 10 – 5m x 7m
Rood 11 – 8m x 8m
Rood 12 – 8m x 8m
Room13 – Caretaker’s Office